There is no ancient people in 1551 yards before the Battle of Fowles.

The 52nd Super Bowl was held in Minneapolis, United States. In the end, the National League Champion Philadelphia Eagles defeated the All-America champion and defending champion New England Patriots 41-33 and won the first Super Bowl championship. The two sides of the game played against each other and broke a series of data records. Let’s take a look at the following.

Philadelphia Eagles

the Hawks, after the League of Nations and the National League finals, backup quarterback Nick Falls once again played a star performance, the audience 43 pass 28 of 373 yards 3 touchdowns, the only interception is only because of the external Hand made by butter hand. With this kind of performance, he also won the Super Bowl MVP, and playing such a performance as a substitute is extremely valuable.

It is worth mentioning that during a first-line attack in the first half, Flows received a pass from wide receiver Trey Burton and got a 1 yard touchdown. This was the first time he passed the game in his career, making him the first quarterback in the history of the Super Bowl to receive a touchdown. Previously quarterbacks had played catching roles on the Super Bowl, but no one had ever reached the front.

In the crucial moment of the fourth quarter, Falls sent a 2 yard pass to the forward Zac-Otz. The team got the first attack in the fourth gear and finally achieved a winning touchdown. The Hawks were in fact the team that completed the most four-shifts this season, 17 times.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia eventually won the team’s first Super Bowl championship. The last time the team celebrated the championship, it was in 1960 when the United States and the League of Nations divided and the team won the League of Nations champion. After the start of the Super Bowl era, the team also scored the Super Bowl in the 1980 season and the 2004 season, but lost to the Oakland Raiders and Patriots respectively.

Philadelphia also became the fifth professional league in North America with this championship, namely the NFL (Super Bowl), MLB (World Series), NBA (Final Final), and NHL (Stanley Cup). city. The previous four were New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.

New England Patriots

Although the Patriots lost the game here, but the data is even more striking. Quarterback Tom Brady scored 505 yards and 3 touchdowns in 28 of 28 games, refreshed his 466-yard Super Bowl record in the last Super Bowl and became the first player in history to upload 500 yards in the Super Bowl. player of. In fact, there were only three 400-yard passing games in the history of the Super Bowl. Brady alone accounted for two of them.

It’s not uncommon for 500 yards to come out, but at the same time there are 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions, which is much less common. In fact, this is the first time in the history of NFL that the quarterback has passed these three data while the team still lost. It can be seen that the Patriots’ defense needs to be summarized.

New England Patriots

Patriots player Stephen Gerstkaus’s basic field once missed a free kick and missed an extra point. Considering that the final team lost a touchdown, Gerstowski had to bear some responsibility. In fact, the missed 26-yard free kick was due to the fault of the dribbler, not his cause, but this free kick is also the shortest among the free kicks missed by the Super Bowl in the past 20 years. In the 33rd Super Bowl, there was a missed shot of 26 yards.

Gestekowski’s free kick in the first quarter was a total of 8 Super Bowl trips since the time of the Patriots’ independent coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. The first time there was a score in the first quarter. Unfortunately, this score did not ultimately help the team win.

The game between the two sides has also created history. The Hawks have 374 yards, 164 yards, and 548 yards. Patriots had 500 passes and 113 yards for a total of 613 yards. The total combined yardage of the 1151 yards of the two sides broke the NFL history record. The closest performance occurred in the final week of the 2011 regular season. The Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions totaled 1125 yards.

The final score of 41-33, a total of 74 points, is the second highest score in the Super Bowl’s history. Compared to the 29th Super Bowl of 1994, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the San Diego Lightning Team’s record by 49-26. 1 point.

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The most defensive super bowl in history: The eagle boldly and calmly accomplish everything

One day after Edelman won the regular season MVP trophy for Brady, Brady gathered the pass yard king, Madden cover character, regular season MVP “three magic spells” in one, to know that these three magic spells The failure of the Super Bowl was predestined, but the old man of the forty days never took it as a heart because he was inherently a “lawbreaker.”

At the beginning of the game, the Hawks attacked and defended in the first six gears, once on the road, once in an RPO, and there were regular pass routines in the first four gears. After the Patriots took a two-week break in the U.S. finals, Patricia and the defensive team estimated that he had been studying the Hawks’ RPO for a week, but he did not expect that the Hawks would not use RPO at the beginning of the game! Or, in the selection, the ball was almost only handed back to the running back, the Hawks surprisingly beat the patriot’s ass with the offensive that they were not familiar with. The Patriots used the lineback raiders and slot corner guards to attack the Eagles’ offensive line and attacked the frontline, hoping to surprise the Falls with a surprise attack. But on the contrary, Falls’s calmness was astonishing. This time succeeded in solving the patriot’s raid. The Patriots team was hypnotized, it seems that only Kyle Van Nooy was awake, the cute nationals were patriots, the defensive team had a successful defense before the end zone, and Erik Roh’s defense lost twice before. The ball was caught, but Alchan Jeffrey’s touchdown was destroyed in the end zone.

The Patriots have been playing “short” at the start and almost gave up the attack on the ground, which means that the quick ball does not interfere with the time for the Eagles to pass the team. Brady constantly pushes the non-commercial offense and keeps on passing the ball. The Hawks failed to pass the rush, and James White was used to make a false pass and various short passes, followed by Chris Hogan as a pioneer, causing the Hawks to lose even more yards, but again, Jay Mills was in opposition to Geron. After Koski’s single-handed success, the Patriots and the Hawks were 3-3.

New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles

After the third gear attack, the Hawks reached a field: a regional cover-up attack, the front line of the offense perfectly covered all Patriot defenders, defensive tackle Malcolm Brown appeared missed, let Blount launched a large yardage, and then It’s Jeffrey’s matchup against Eric Roe’s single-handedly long lineup!

In the matchup, my analysis in the preview is Stephen Gilmore’s single defense Jeffrey, but it can actually be implemented. The opening Gilmore only stays on the left side of the lineup. Doug Pedersen is smart and uses the number one. Jack Geoff, the wide receiver, madly attacked the right-wing Patriot No. 3 corner guard Eric Rowe’s defense zone and achieved excellent results.

The Patriots responded in a timely manner. They still used no-merchants to drive the rhythm without complaint, hoping to use a light and quick offense to deal with the Hawks’ defense. At the same time, the Patriots passed the first long pass to Brady. Finally held the ball in the pocket for a long time, and also suffered the pressure from the Hawks’ terror group. Patrick Robinson lost his long pass when he was against Ahmedabad. This is Brady’s first time in the Super Bowl to complete the first long pass of more than 30 yards. His 20-yard long pass and 11 passes and 6 185-yard 1 touchdowns can’t imagine such horrible data coming from a ” Old man of ten days.”

I said in the preview that both special teams are not very reliable. The Eagles player Jack Elliott missed the extra points. The Patriots are the long driver and the abandoned kicker who cooperated to injure the “God.” After missing the free kick, Goshen himself missed an additional point inaccurately. It seems that Goshen has gone to the scene with more people. His time has already passed.

The Eagles’ defensive team also paid the price to the Patriots. It was finally difficult for the Patriots to try again for a long pass. The attitude of the Eagle’s rushing team is that, if you hold the ball for a long time, I’ll use the bump to make Brady taste “Spicy”. The old man in the old days was knocked down. A blind side bump by Malcolm Jenkins directly caused Branding Cooks to retreat. In the head of Josh McDonnells, a flash of embellishment gave Aman Dora a passing pass and Brady ran the route. Unfortunately Amanda Dora’s pass was oversized and the ball slipped past his fingertips. It was a good show. The prelude.

Philadelphia Eagles

The success of the Patriots’ defensive defense lies in the fact that, despite the occasional missed tackle, most of the time in the first half, they restricted the Hawks’ attack on the ground and produced three long yards. However, the Hawks’ attacking line barely exerted pressure. Second, Fore. Sri Lanka was also so calm and disgusted that once and again after a successful shot, when Leggaret – Blount once again came out of the cage, the Patriots have fallen behind 3 to 15!

Contrary to the wind is what the patriots are good at. Although all their “short” intentions are suppressed by the Hawks, the Hawks’ defense is not perfect, and several times missed the hold to allow Burkehead to drive straight. Jim Schwartz, the defensive coordinator of the Hawks, arranged before the game. He played for a long time. In addition to the three corner guards, Malcolm Jenkins raised the linebacker, which was contrary to my prediction before the game. Not to deal with Glonnowski, but to guard against James – White’s short pass, the strategy before the game was very successful, but it is worth noting that the defense team’s six defensive backs did allow the Hawks to control their scalability. Better, but the small defender’s ability to hold is bound to be inferior to the purebred linebacker, so Schwartz’s small lineup is often abandoned and the patriot can continue to breathe, keeping up with the Hawks on the score.

The first turning point of the game came: When the Eagles offensively flowed, Flows wanted to send a long pass to find Jeffrey, the defensive matchups of the Kooky had changed, Jeffrey’s college alumni and Patriot’s Horn Wei Gilmore began to focus on Jeffrey, who made the first interception of the game. It can be splendid, when Gilmore began to look after Jeffrey, Jeffrey has been invisible since then.

Glonkowski was prevented from dying and Cox pulled out of the court. The Patriots caught the ball in a precarious position. But at this time, Chris Hogan, who was in an abnormal state this season, was occupied in the singles with Mills who played very well in the game. Advantages, first created a foul for the opponent, and then succeeded in rocking Mills for a long distance attack. You know, this season’s regular season, Mills was beaten by his opponent with such agitation and lost the record. Then James – Wright attacked the touchdowns successfully, the audience scored close to 3 points for the first time.

Philadelphia Eagles

Last year, the Falcons were caught by the patriots but could not respond. The key to the Hawks’ game was to respond to the ball! Cory Clement went to the patriot’s end zone before killing a large yardage. When Gilmore blocked Jeffrey’s touchdown with a third gear, Pederson was more than a choice in the top 2 yards in the end zone. Strong four-speed, if the fourth-level failure, you can only lead with three points into the second half. Another daring big bag is when Pedersen called out the classic scene of the Super Bowl: The Patriots have just challenged the failed quarterback catching tactics of fraud, and the Hawks try again! This time, Falls was more fraudulent than Brady. He kept coming out of his pocket to make arrangements for tactics. Michael Burton’s pass accurate guidance, so that unmarked Falls completed the touchdown! The quarterback, born naturally for the big picture, achieved the first quarterback on the first Super Bowl to score a touchdown, as well as pass the pass and catch the ball in a single game!

The Hawks entered the locker room with 10 points. The first half of the summary is: the first half of crazy offense! If the Hawks don’t make mistakes, they will win the patriots before the game, but! During the execution, the Hawks couldn’t help but make mistakes. Or, the huge gap in experience between the two sides, the Patriots forced the Eagles to make mistakes continuously. Only then did the Patriots continue their last breath and they would not appear in the wild horse Haiying tragedy that year.

Like the United States finals, the Big Blues exited the scene and Kuks took up the scene. The Knicks exited the field and the Blues had to wake up. In the first half of the game, they had to pass 1 of 5 in the direction of him. It wasn’t the other person’s crazy double team, but the Blue Giant. Finding the wrong target. Just half of the Hawks’ defensive tactics. In addition to defending their position, they have long-time regional defense and unlimited defense defense. They basically only defend their own area and are rarely chaotic by the patriots’ array. But the downside is that they are two. Cornerback only stuck to his own side and was vulnerable to attack. In the first half, Glonkowski madly tried to overwhelm “a little greener” Mills from the right side, but did not expect frequent setbacks. He just started the second half and he shifted. Goal, attack from the center and left, security guard Corey Graham and cornerback Ronald Dabbi Gronkoski are totally out of the way, 4 in 4 and one touchdown, score 2nd time Close to 3 minutes!

The Patriots approached the score in less than three minutes. Didn’t Pederson be nervous? The Eagles’ response was to use a jumbo package to increase the weight of the road. With the indiscriminate bombing of an oversized hamburger such as Blount, the Hawks’ offensive yardage in the first half was very beautiful, but only the super show brushed out. The number of yards, while the road attack in the second half is more stable. Afterwards, when the third gear was under pressure, Fowles threw a long pass to Clement who was double-teamed in the end zone. But once again touchdown response!

After Glonkowski’s firepower was turned on, the Patriots lived offense. Brady did not mind the pressure behind him or his body. He used all kinds of mid-range passes to make the Eagles hate. Brady was like God’s benevolent son. In general, the enthusiasm of using a pass to mobilize all catchers was less than four minutes. The Patriots approached the score three points for the third time.

How should the eagle respond? When they spent three free days for the Patriots to forget what their killing was, then the Hawks’ RPO was back. When Geoffrey was locked by Gilmore, Nelson Agolol provoked the offensive burden, but the pavement The drop in efficiency allowed the Hawks to respond with just three free kicks.

New England Patriots

Five minutes later, the Patriots took the lead for the first time! When the Eagles used a very long line of guards, the Patriots did not forget to punish the Hawks with a road attack. Armandola and Hogan continued to shake their opponents at the receiving end, followed by Gronkowski’s second inning. District singled out Ronald Dabbita’s success, the patriots overtake! Darby shook his head constantly, meaning that I couldn’t help it. Gronkoski twisted his buttocks in the end zone. His morale was completely biased towards the patriots. Last year, Falcon’s nightmare was on Pedersen’s mind. How does the Eagles respond?

The first three times in response to the ball, the Eagles took the lead and the mentality was more relaxed. This time the Patriots not only turned back the score, but the time was running out. There was not much room for the Eagles to breathe.

When their road efficiency is getting lower and lower, pass goals are getting more and more obstructed, and only Argolog is fighting, the Patriots start to use the old guys James Harrison and Trevor Flowers to take turns to bully the Hawks left tackle. Vayet, let Flows feel the pressure, really put the Eagles into a veritable realm of desperation! In the first half, Flows once again refreshed the world’s understanding of him. This time he suddenly developed a difficult pass and he resolved the third crisis again and again, and Pedersen was once again bold! Midfielder near the half challenge fourth gear! In fact, that time is not an unsuccessful moment. If the challenge fails, Pedersen will have a negative reputation, but I said that the key to the execution of Pedersen and Falls is to be bold and this time. Out came Zach Otz, who was almost invisible. He caught the ball and allowed the Hawks to escape, and then singled out McCaditi in the outside! Although the ball landed on the ground, why did the ball not form a controversy against Steelers Jesse James in the 14th quarter this season? Very simple, Oates has already received the ball in the first five yards of the end zone, forming a “ball catcher”, and then as a “runner”, the ball will only reach the touchdown as soon as it crosses the end zone line. After the two-point conversion failed, the Hawks scored 5 points ahead.

141 seconds, 5 points, not enough for Brady? Full enough!

With the advancement of the game, the Hawks’ terror rushing team created a 40% pressure rate in the pass. This is already terrible. But Brady has no fear at all. To deal with him, he must come to hard food! I think the Super Bowl MVP will be Graham, who has already had 2 impacts and 4 hastily passes in the previous game, but at this time he broke away from Shaq Mason’s passing protection! A copy of the ball to kill! The ball in the hands of Brady landed, Derek – Barnett dropped the ball! Once again confirmed the defensive culture of the Hawks this season, rush to change the game! Then the Hawks hit a free kick after a delay.

New England Patriots

65 seconds! 8 points, not enough for Brady? In fact, it is still enough. The morale of the two sides has changed dramatically. The Eagles should be left to chase the poor. The patriots are starting to struggle and the Eagles rush to threaten Brady again and again. The old man is the second consecutive year. Refreshing the Super Bowl’s passing yardage record, there is no other way. Like the Super Bowl’s Wan Fuk Mae six years ago, Gronkoski received the ball a little, the ball landed and the game was over!

The Patriot’s eighth Super Bowl trip was disappointed for the third time. The Hawks became the second team to defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl after the patriots. They did not let history repeat itself and did not allow the patriots to win the championship for another four years. The man who truly won the Triple Crown in four years was Blount who switched from the Patriots to the Hawks this year.

“The Lawbreaker” Brady couldn’t laugh at the audience for two consecutive nights, but this did not hinder his greatness. Brady mobilized the enthusiasm of all goals. The three major goals reached a hundred yards and set off a wave for the Hawks. If the other team is defeated long ago, Brady is still a hero and is the king of the Super Bowl. He is the first person in history to pass tens of thousands of yards in the playoffs.

The eagle is rewarded with rewards, the right three front lines Kelsey, Brooks, Johnson three dominating road cover, so that the Hawks long and efficient road attack. Blount, Agay and the surprise Clement have a sense of presence in both the rush and the catch. Argolore singled out the entire Defender’s entire back line after Jeffrey’s stealth and almost failed. . The two cornerstones of the defensive team, Cox and Graham, contributed 13 pressures.

Philadelphia Eagles

In the end, the Super Bowl MVP Nick Fowles, a guy who was created for the big shots, once passed the single-game touchdown record and won the All-Star Game MVP. Today’s brilliant catching touchdown not only created history, He calmly comparable to Brady, led the Eagles in the first half mad patriots, in the second half several times the eyebrows of the crisis, Falls resolved one by one, he is worthy of the Super Bowl MVP.

In the most undefensive game in the history of the Super Bowl, the two sides scored a total of 1,151 yards in record-breaking records. The whole game was abandoned only once, and every wave of attacks entered the scoring area. Rely on attack to win? This is not the strength of the eagle? Recalling their 2017 season, no one ever thought they could be the league’s first record. After Wentz’s reimbursement, they became “under the dog” in every postseason game. The Hawks were like Philadelphia heroes. One after another miracle, winning the team’s first Super Bowl championship trophy in such a gesture, there will be no better 2017 season ending.

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